How to Start a Raging Granny Gaggle Where You Live

It's easy, it's fun, we'll help you

First, bring together a group of women who are deeply concerned about the manner in which the world is evolving, and are not afraid to show it! (Being a grandmother and being a good singer are not necessarily prerequisites). Treasure the wide ranges of colour, size, ethnicity and age of the women's faces.

Contact other Granny Groups and meet with them to get a feel as to what it's all about. Grannies love to lend a hand!

Dress yourself in granny garb: outrageous flowery hats, and colourful costumes including aprons and rose-coloured running shoes. Many treasures can be discovered at the local thrift shop.

Find songs to sing! The Victoria Raging Grannies have published a songbook but there are many more recent songs available, composed by the various Granny Groups, covering just about any issue imaginable. Grannies love to share their songs! And try writing some yourself - it's fun!

Pitchpipes come in handy to start the group on the same note. Have regular practices. We find we're practising about once a month unless there is an election or important issue arising.

When singing, be certain to look up from your music and make eye contact with your audience. Sing clearly and loudly. It helps to have one Granny lead in the music, and introduce the group and the songs. Above all, have fun, and smile!

Make a Grannies sign to bring to your gigs. Print the words to some of your songs on a sign for all to read and join in. You can use props for your songs where applicable, such as plastic pig noses and fabric and wire snakes-in-a-can. Give out flyers that introduce your Granny Group and speak to the issues of the day.

Designate one Granny to be the "Booking Granny" to eliminate the possibility of double booking.

Keep in regular contact with other Granny Groups in your area. Write me to get added to the email list the "Hamgram. Start a website if possible, or add yourselves to our 'Contact Us' page (email us your details). Submit reports as to your activities to the "Granny Grapevine". And, try to attend the biennial national "unconvention"!


You can get in touch with us by email, contact@raginggranniesdetroit.com